[Ghibli Park] How to enjoy Hill of Youth! (World Emporium & cat office)

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[Ghibli Park] How to enjoy Hill of Youth! (World Emporium & cat office)

Hill of Youth , which represents the world of Studio Ghibli's works is located in Ghibli Park.

It consists of the "World Emporium" and "The Rotary", which are one of the stages of the story of "Whisper of the Heart", "The Cat Bureau" that appeared in "The Cat Returns", and the "Elevator Tower" that anyone can use. 

In this issue, we will show you how to enjoy "Hill of Youth".

How do I access "Hill of Youth"?


Ghibli Park is located in the Aichi Expo Commemorative Park (commonly known as Moricoro Park).

From Linimo "Ai-chikyuhaku Kinen Koen Station" to "Hill of Youth", go through the main gate and head for the Elevator Tower. By the way, there are no lockers in Hill of Youth, so it's recommended to leave large baggages at the locker/cloak at the north exit information center. (Lockers are also available at the West Exit Information Center)

"Elevator Tower" that anyone can use


Elevator Tower


The symbolic existence of Ghibli Park, the "Elevator Tower". Anyone can use it without a Ghibli Park ticket.

The attractive design is reminiscent of the world of "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" and "Howl's Moving Castle," and is inspired by the imaginary science of the late 19th century.



The design of the street lights is also perfect for the atmosphere of Ghibli Park!

In the evening, lights are turned on to create a fantastic space.

It also serves as a lighthouse so that the direction of the station can be seen from a distance. If you get lost in Ghibli Park, look for the Elevator Tower.

"The Rotary" in "Whisper of the Heart"


Present your ticket at the reception desk and go to the "Hill of Youth" area!

The place where Shizuku Tsukishima, the main character of "Whisper of the Heart" is led by the cat Moon, is realistically reproduced.

There is also a telephone box and a bulletin board in The Rotary, and you can feel the atmosphere of the mid-1990s when the movie was released.

Let's talk on the public phone!


A telephone booth in The Rotary. When you pick up the receiver, you can chat with a cat! There are multiple voice patterns, so you can enjoy what kind of sound you will hear.

The bus stop is full of tricks!


Bus stops are full of tricks! Pay attention to the bus stop destinations and departure times.


We also found this graffiti on the wall next to the bench!

To the mysterious shop "World Emporium" 
in "Whisper of the Heart"


Now, it's time to go to "World Emporium"!

”World Emporium" is a store that repairs and sells antique furniture and watches, which the main character Shizuk Tsukishima stumbles upon in "Whisper of the Heart". The building was supposedly built in the 1960s by Seiji Amazawa's grandfather,Shiro Nishi, after he returned from Germany.

On the second floor, antique furniture and mechanical clocks are placed in every corner of the room. On the first floor, there is also a workshop where Seiji Amasawa learned to make violins as an apprentice. Of course you can also meet Baron!

Photography is not allowed inside, so we will only show you the exterior.


A zelkova signboard that faithfully reproduces even the handwriting. As in the movie, the name "Shiro Nishi" are also included.


The place where Shizuku was crouching with Moon.


Seiji's bicycle is also placed there. In the cold season, a jumper of Seiji is also placed and you are allowed to wear it!


The place where Shizuku was waiting for Seiji's grandfather to finish reading the novel. Please take a picture with the same pose as Shizuku.

"The Cat Bureau" that appeared in "The Cat Returns"


In "The Cat Returns," the main character, high school student Haru, is led by a mysterious voice to visit "The Cat Bureau". From fittings such as windows and doors to flooring materials, everything is made in the size of a cat, which is 1/3 the size of a human.


Let's peek inside through the window!

Inside the building, you can see Muta and Baron relaxing on the sofa! The scenery you can see differs depending on the window you look through, so please try looking at it from various angles.




Pay attention to the details! Various items that appeared in the movie have been reproduced.


Portraits and photographs of Baron's lover Luise are also carefully displayed.

Let's send a letter from the post!



In the "Hill of Youth" area there is a real mailbox where you can send letters!

They also sell postcards and stamps inside The World Emporium, and there is a space for writing letters. Only stamp sheets are sold, so it is recommended to bring your own stamps.


A few days later, we received a postcard with a special commemorative small stamp (for a limited time only). There is no doubt that it will be a pleasant surprise!

Areas that can be enjoyed without a ticket


You don't need a ticket to see the back side of the building at the World Emporium

Since it was built on a slope, it looks like a two-story building when viewed from the front and a three-story building when viewed from the back.



Furthermore, there is actually a cave directly under World Emporium!

The cave that appeared in Shizuku's dream has been recreated, and the rough stones on the walls glow beautifully. (Please note that the gemstones glow only during the opening hours of the Ghibli Park paid area.)

▼Enjoy without tickets! Ghibli Park Free Area Summary


In this issue, we brought you a fun way to enjoy Hill of Youth in "Ghibli Park".

Photography is not allowed inside the building, but you can enjoy the world of the movie at your leisure. In particular, the sight of the mechanical clocks that appear in the movie actually moving is sure to impress. When the long hand of the clock points to 30 minutes and 00 minutes, the dwarves begin to move.

It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours even if you take a closer look, so please visit the other areas as well.

▼Check this out!


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土日休:大人2,500円 子ども(4歳~小学生)1,250円


大人1,000円 子ども(4歳~小学生)500円


大人1,000円 子ども(4歳~小学生)500円


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