[Recommended] Summary of Popular Spot in Nagoya

[Recommended] Summary of Popular Spot in Nagoya

There are many attractive areas in Nagoya City, Aichi.

In this issue, we will introduce you to some of Nagoya's sightseeing spots to enjoy all that Nagoya has to offer, including the mecca of pop culture, a town popular with the young, and a town where traditions are alive and well.

Nagoya station area

First of all, Nagoya Station, the gateway to Nagoya. Located in the heart of Nagoya, the area around Nagoya Station offers convenient transportation and is home to a variety of commercial and business facilities. 4 train lines (JR, Meitetsu, Kintetsu, and subway) provide excellent access not only to Nagoya City, but also to other parts of Japan. Commercial facilities such as JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Meitetsu Department Store, Kintetsu Department Store, and Midland Square are all connected to the station.

Furthermore, Nagoya's underground shopping malls are spread out in all directions, and there are nine different underground shopping malls. The area is approximately the size of two Vantelin Dome Nagoya.

Other tourist attractions include the Global Gate, which is being developed in preparation for the opening of the Linear Central Shinkansen Line, and Noritake Garden andToyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technologyare located in walking distance.

Sakae station area

The Sakae Station area is a downtown area that represents Nagoya and is located in the center of Naka Ward, Nagoya City. It is easily accessible, just two subway stops from Nagoya Station, and is an area where you can enjoy a variety of things including shopping, gourmet food, and entertainment.

It is home to tourist spots such as Oasis 21 and  Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER, as well as various entertainment facilities such as movie theaters, theaters, and live music venues.

It is also characterized by its abundance of large department stores and shopping malls such as Nagoya Mitsukoshi, Matsuzakaya, Nagoya PARCO, and Sunshine Sakae.





Fushimi station area

Fushimi Station is located between Nagoya Station and Sakae Station. It's a convenient location that makes it easy to get to both areas, as each is just one stop away on the Higashiyama Subway Line.

As a representative business district of Nagoya, it is also known as a financial and economic center, home to the Nagoya Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Because there are many businessmen in this area, one of the characteristics of this area is that there are many hidden shops, hidden cafes, and gourmet spots. Sightseeing spots include Nagoya City Science MuseumNagoya City Museum of Art, and Misonoza.

There are many hotels, so this area is recommended as a base for sightseeing.

Nayabashi area

Nayabashi bridge

"Nayabashi" is the name of the bridge that spans the Horikawa River on Hirokoji-dori, the main street in the center of Nagoya. Surrounded by shopping streets and business districts, there are also attractive shops along the river, and adults who want to enjoy Nagoya's nightlife gather here.

A night market called Nayabashi Yoichi is held once a month on the fourth Friday. Red lanterns and signboards are set up along the Horikawa River, and alcoholic beverages such as beer and hot sake are lined up, as well as street food, side dishes, and baked goods.

Endoji Shopping Street

" Endoji Shopping Street" is an arcade shopping street located in Naka Ward, Nagoya City. It is about a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station and has about 100 shops. The shopping street retains the atmosphere of the 1950s, and you can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa era with its retro arcades, streetscapes, and store signs.

Fun events are held every season, including Endoji Shopping District Saturday Market, which is held every Saturday, as well as flea markets and fairs.

Recently, new stores are opening one after another, making it one of the most popular areas in Nagoya.

Kanayama station area

Asunal Kanayama

Kanayama Station is one JR station away from Nagoya Station. As a general station, it is served by three lines: Nagoya Railway, JR Tokai, and Nagoya Municipal Subway, and is crowded with many users. It has good access from the airport, and the commercial facility "Asunal Kanayama" is next to the station.

There are many commercial facilities and hotels around the station, making it a convenient base for business and sightseeing. You can also go directly to Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya Port, etc. by subway.

Osu Shopping Arcade

Osu Shopping Arcade, located between Osu Kannon Station and Kamimaezu Station on Nagoya Municipal Subway Tsurumai Line, is a popular tourist spot that you must visit when visiting Nagoya. This area is characterized by a concentration of stores of all kinds, including international cuisine restaurants, unique vintage clothing stores, and otaku culture stores.

It is home to approximately 1,200 stores, including fashion, miscellaneous goods, food, and restaurants, and is now said to be Japan's most lively shopping district. There is also an arcade, so you can enjoy shopping without worry even in the rain. It is also very popular as a place to eat while walking, and the shopping streets are packed with a variety of gourmet food.

Osu Shopping Arcade is dotted with many shrines and historical spots such as Osu Kannon, Sokenji Temple, which has a seated statue of Nobunaga Oda, and Banshoji Temple, where you can see Oda Nobunaga's karakuri puppet performances.



Nagoya port area

Nagoya Port, one of Japan's largest ports, has a variety of tourist attractions, including an aquarium, an amusement park, and a shopping mall.

One of Japan's largest aquariums, Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, the adjacent retro amusement park Nagoya Port Sea Trainland, the LEGO theme park LEGOLAND Japan, and the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park where you can meet real rolling stock from the past, etc. There are plenty of tourist facilities that you can enjoy.


Atsuta Shrine area

Atsuta Ward is located in the southern part of Nagoya. It is an area where you can feel history and culture, such as Atsuta Shrine and Shirotori Garden. In particular, Atsuta Jingu is the second most prestigious shrine after Ise Jingu, with more than 6.5 million people visiting annually.

There are also restaurants such as Miya Kishimen and the famous hitsumabushi (grilled chopped eel on rice) restaurant "Houraiken", where you can enjoy the classic Nagoya Nagoya food.

Nagoya/Eastern area

The eastern part of Nagoya is an area a little far from the center such as Nagoya Station and Sakae, and is a place where you can feel nature and history.

The main sightseeing spots include Tokugawa Art Museum, which exhibits swords and artwork related to Tokugawa Ieyasu Tokugawa, and The Cultural Path which is lined with high-class townhouses from the Edo period.

Furthermore, you can enjoy sightseeing in a relaxed atmosphere that is different from the center of Nagoya, such as Higashiyama Park, which has a zoo and botanical garden, and Hoshigaoka Terrace, which is lined with stylish cafes and miscellaneous goods stores.

Nagoya/northern area

The northern area of Nagoya is home to Nagoya's symbols, Nagoya Castle, Meijo Park, and the Chunichi Dragons' home stadium, Vantelin Dome. There is also a hilly area connected to the mountains of Aichi Prefecture, where you can enjoy nature such as hiking and being outdoors.

This time, we introduced popular areas in Nagoya.

Please use this as a reference when sightseeing.

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