LEGOLAND Japan in Nagoya: Enjoy Everything from Rides to Foods!

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Posting date: 2021.04.28
LEGOLAND Japan in Nagoya: Enjoy Everything from Rides to Foods!

"LEGOLAND Japan" opened in Nagoya, 2017.

LEGOLAND Japan is an outdoor theme park for families where visitors can enjoy a full day in the world of LEGO bricks. The park has more than 40 rides, shows, theaters, restaurants, stores, and more.

Today, we would like to give you a thorough report on how to enjoy LEGOLAND, from access, how to buy tickets, recommended attractions to gourmet food!  

*Information is current at the time of the interview.
Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

Access & Tickets to LEGOLAND


 Here we are at LEGOLAND!

By train, it takes about 24 minutes from Nagoya Station by nonstop Aonami Line. By car, it is easily accessible from the Meiko Chuo Interchange on the Ise Bay Coastal Highway.

LEGO characters welcome you at opening time!

Let's get the ticket first!

You can purchase tickets at the counter on the day, but we recommend purchasing them in advance on the official website. If you buy your ticket 2-7 days in advance, you can save up to 20%.

Also, annual passport is very reasonable if you are coming back again! The Starter Plan, the cheapest one, costs only 4,600 yen for children and 7,100 yen for adults, and allows you to enjoy LEGOLAND for one year.

There are other great deals on tickets, so be sure to check them out.

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Let's go to the world of Lego!

Full Report on How to Enjoy Legoland





Lego wherever you look in the park! 

Although the theme park is aimed at children aged 2 to 12, adults will find it exciting too.
The park is divided into eight areas.


First, go to the "BRICKTOPIA" area right next to the entrance!

Small Children are Welcome!

The "BRICKTOPIA" area has a wide variety of attractions for young children to enjoy.

A Panoramic View of the Park from a Height of 60 meters! The "Observation Tower"

Observation Tower

Observation Tower

The "Observation Tower" is recommended for first-time visitors to LEGOLAND. This is an attraction that offers a panoramic view of the park from a height of approximately 60 meters.

As it slowly rotates and rises, you can enjoy a 360-degree view no matter where you sit.

Everywhere you look is colorful and exciting!

It's more higher than I imagined!

You can enjoy a relaxing walk in the air and see the entire park. Don't worry, you won't fall as fast as on the free fall.

It's also a great way to think about your route to enjoy the whole LEGOLAND.

Visitors can Tour the LEGO Brick Factory

"LEGO Factory Tour" to Learn How LEGO Bricks Are Made & Their History

LEGO Factory Tour

Next, let's go to the "LEGO Factory Tour" in the FACTORY area.

LEGO Factory Tour

LEGO bricks are familiar to us, but do you actually know its history?

Here, visitors can learn about the history of LEGO and see how LEGO bricks are made.

After learning how LEGO bricks are manufactured on the screen, it is time to go to the factory! This is the only place in Japan that manufactures LEGO bricks.

This is the plastic from which LEGO bricks are made.

Plastic melted at high temperature is poured into the mold at once.

LEGO bricks in a shape we know well.

Lego bricks are cooled, printed and packed over the course of a day.

Ta-da! The LEGO bricks are completed!

At the end of the factory tour, you will receive LEGO bricks made in this factory. Yay!

A Variety of Popular Rides

Next, let's go to the "ADVENTURE" area!  

Board a Submarine and Explore the Ocean Floor! "Submarine Adventure"

submarine adventure

submarine adventure

"Submarine Adventure" is a very popular attraction in the ADVENTURE Area. The attraction is to become a LEGO diver and explore the secret ancient ruins on the ocean floor.

submarine adventure

Boarding the submarine, it's time to go for a walk on the ocean floor! I'm thrilled and excited.

submarine adventure

submarine adventure

Real sharks and fish swim among ancient ruins made of LEGO bricks! There are about 2,000 sharks and fish of 80 different species. This is an attraction unique to LEGOLAND, which is a combination of LEGO and an aquarium.

submarine adventure

It was very fantastic and relaxing. No wonder it is a popular attraction.

The Sphinx is making a peace sign!

When photographed from afar, it looks as if you really went to Egypt!

As you go deeper into the area, you will find yourself in a space that looks like ancient Egypt. It looks like a trip abroad, which is very exciting!

Let's Try some Shooting Game! "Lost Kingdom Adventure"

lost kingdom adventure

lost kingdom adventure

Next, we headed to "Lost Kingdom Adventure"! This is a shooting game using a laser gun in the ruins.

Photography is not allowed during the ride, so please try the ride to see what it is all about!

Your score will be displayed, so you can compete with your family and friends.

Take a Break at "Costa Coffee" Born in London

oasis snack

At Oasis Snacks in the Adventure Area, we took a break to enjoy Costa Coffee, which was born in London in 1971.

Brick churros 380 yen per piece

With a block churros, a LEGOLAND exclusive. Enjoy the authentic coffee in a theme park!

As LEGOLAND is a theme park for children, it is also attractive that there are plenty of rest spots. Small children can take a rest when they need a break, allowing them to play at a leisurely pace.

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A City where LEGO Characters Live

lego city

lego city

"Palace Cinema" where you can enjoy 4D movies

"Rescue Academy" where you can experience firefighting

There are also LEGO motif manhole covers in LEGO CITY! Please look for them.

Next, we went to the LEGO CITY area, where LEGO characters live. It is as if you have wandered into the world of LEGO.

The LEGO CITY area offers a variety of attractions to experience, including firefighting, driving a car, and piloting a ship.  

Water Patrol by Motorboat! Coast Guard HQ

Coast Guard HQ

Coast Guard HQ

First, visit Coast Guard HQ, where you can experience piloting a ship!
This is an attraction where visitors ride on a motorboat-shaped-like LEGO bricks on a water patrol.

Coast Guard HQ

The fun part of this attraction is that you can steer the motorboat by stepping on the accelerator instead of going forward automatically.

It is as if you are piloting a real ship, and even adults can enjoy it!

Learn to Drive Safely! Driving School

driving school

driving school

Driving School, an attraction where children ages 6-13 can experience driving a car.  

Just like a real car, you step on the gas pedal to go forward and brake to stop. While driving around the course, students learn how to drive safely.

Once you master driving, you can get a LEGOLAND Driver's License! For 3-5 year olds, there is also a "Junior Driving School".  

Enter the World of Medieval Europe!

night kingdom

night kingdom

night kingdom

Next, let's visit the KNIGHT'S KINGDOM area, the world of medieval Europe.

The Dragon, a Roller Coaster Ride Through a Castle

The Dragon

The Dragon

The best thing in the KNIGHT'S KINGDOM area is "The Dragon," a roller coaster that takes you on a ride around the castle on the back of a dragon. I'm off!

The Dragon

The maximum speed is about 57 km/h! It is more thrilling than you can imagine!

dragon apprentice

For younger children, we recommend the "Dragon Apprentice" next to the ride. The speed is slow, so you can enjoy the ride with peace of mind!

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Spot Details

Click here to make a reservation for LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

Address: 2-7-1 Kinjo Futo, Minato Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi
Business hours: 10:00~ (*Closing time varies depending on the day)
Regular holiday: According to the park calendar
Parking lot: None (Please use "Kinjofuto parking lot")

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