Inuyama's deepest spot! ? “Momotaro Shrine” that you can visit with works by Shoun Asano

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Posting date: 2020.07.08
Inuyama's deepest spot! ? “Momotaro Shrine” that you can visit with works by Shoun Asano

Okayama Prefecture is famous for Momotaro, one of Japan's folktales, but in fact, there is also Momotaro Shrine in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, where the legend of Momotaro is told.

The peach-shaped torii gate, which is rare in Japan, and the laundry rock where the grandmother of Momotaro did his laundry. In the precincts, it is popular as a B-class spot, such as a concrete statue and a treasure hall created by Shoun Asano, a concrete sculptor from Nagoya.

This time, we will tell you about the charm of Momotaro Shrine and Mr. Shoun Asano's work!

Places all over Japan related to the legend of Momotaro

Speaking of Momotaro, it is a story about a boy named "Momotaro" who was born from a peach fruit. It's an old tale that not many Japanese people know.

The legend of Momotaro is claimed to be related to Momotaro in various parts of the country, including Okayama Prefecture, Nara, Kagawa, Fukushima, and Aichi. Here in Inuyama is one of them.

Access to Momotaro Shrine

Momotaro Shrine

Momotaro Shrine is located in Kurisu, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture. About 5 minutes by car from Meitetsu Inuyama Yuen Station. From Nagoya, it takes about 1 hour by car from Shitamichi.

The Kiso River, which is counted as one of the Eight Views of Japan, flows right in front of the shrine.

200 parking lots are available! In front of the shrine, restaurants and souvenir shops are lined up, and Inuyama's specialty, tofu dengaku, and millet dumplings are sold.

Momotaro Shrine

The restaurant Momotaro, located next to the parking lot, is a long-established store that was founded over 100 years ago as the "souvenir shop Inuyama Bussan."

Who is Shoun Asano?

Momotaro Shrine

In the precincts, you can see about 20 colorfully painted concrete statues of demons and Momotaro, created by the concrete statue artist Shoun Asano, in line with the legend of Momotaro.

Shoun Asano (1891-1978) was born in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture. Influenced by his father, who was a craftsman who made clay dolls, he began making clay dolls, but since it was impossible to make large works with clay, he started making them with concrete.

Washing rock where Momotaro's grandmother washed. There are even footprints of an old lady on the rock.

It is said that he made more than 1,000 concrete sculptures in his lifetime, which he started making at the age of 33, of which nearly 800 remain in the Tokai region. In addition to Momotaro Shrine, there are three representative spots: Goshikien (Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture) and Sekigahara Warland (Sekigahara Town, Gifu Prefecture). Among fans, it is called “Shoun Asano’s Three Great Sanctuaries”.

The indescribably exquisite expressions of the sculptures captivate the viewers with their unforgettable intensity.

Let's go to the precincts!

Washing rock where Momotaro's grandmother washed. There are even footprints of an old lady on the rock.

Momotaro Shrine was established in 1930. The enshrined deity is "Okami no Mikoto," who is the deified of Momotaro. As a shrine that prays for the health of children, it is said that there are blessings such as childbirth, safe delivery, child development, protection against disasters, and longevity.

A monkey welcomes you in front of the first torii gate.

Momotaro Shrine

When you pass through the first torii, in front of the second torii you will see Momotaro, who has just been born from a peach! What a surreal look. Momotaro is too big for a 0-year-old child to see (laughs).

You can also see the old man in the back of the torii!

Momotaro Shrine

When you climb the stone steps, everyone is in full force! Since it is a big deal, enter the middle and take a picture. Other than that, I've gotten used to it.

The demons must have changed their minds after losing to the Momotaro troupe. It was like a bodyguard.

"Treasure Museum" where you can see the hidden treasures of demons

Momotaro Shrine

There is also a "treasure museum" where you can see Momotaro goods on the right hand after climbing the stone steps! Pheasants, monkeys, and demons are beckoning.

Momotaro Shrine

There was even a humorous demon in the distance! Where is the majesty of the demon (laughs).

Unfortunately, it was closed on that day, so I couldn't see it, but there are rare items inside, such as "Oni no Kanba", "Oni no Treasure", "Oni no Iwa", and "National Momotaro Goods". It seems that the substitute is also exhibited.

Please come and visit us!

[Treasure Museum]
Admission fee: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children

A rare peach torii gate and worship hall in Japan

Momotaro Shrine

On the left after going up the stairs is the "Momogata Torii", which is very rare even in Japan. I have never seen a torii like this before.

There are pheasants, dogs, and monkeys in front of the torii, and it is said that if you pass through the peach-shaped torii, evil will go away (monkeys), illness will go away (dogs), and disasters will come (pheasants).

Momotaro Shrine

There is a chozuya near the torii gate, so wash your hands here before entering the worship hall.

Momotaro Shrine

If you look at the right hand side of the worship hall, you can see the red ogre shedding tears. The sign says, "I won't do bad things anymore. Look at my tears."

Tears are dripping from my eyes. It seems that spring water is passing through the eyes, and a thin device was applied.

In the worship hall, there are many ema (votive picture tablets) dedicated to the shrine, as well as information boards about the history of the shrine and the legend of Momotaro, which has been handed down in Inuyama.

The peach-shaped Ema is so cute!

Momotaro Shrine

Momotaro Shrine is dotted with not only concrete statues, but also historic sites that support the legend of Momotaro. In addition, it is cherished as a shrine to pray for the health of children in the local area, and the Momotaro Festival is held every year on Children's Day on May 5th.

Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and it is known as a famous place for autumn leaves in autumn, so please visit while you are out!

Spot Details

[Momotaro Shrine]
Address: 853 Ohira Kurisu, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture 484-0002

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