Recommended baseball classes in Aichi/Nagoya [15 selections]

Recommended baseball classes in Aichi/Nagoya [15 selections]

This time, we will introduce recommended baseball schools in Nagoya City. There are a variety of schools, from classes for children that meet once or twice a week to classes for those who are serious about improving their skills.

Please use this as a reference when looking for a baseball school.

at the American Baseball Academy
Aiming to be a player who can compete in the world!
"Be an Elite"

Be an Elite

Be an Elite

Located in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City, "Be an Elite" is a baseball academy where elementary school students can attend from the fourth grade and Chunichi players also visit. The instructor is Noriaki Matsumoto, who played in the Shikoku Island League (IL) Tokushima. The course was opened after being impressed by the teaching method of Mr. Beimell, a former major leaguer of the pitching academy "Beimell Elite Athletics" in Los Angeles.

Be an Elite's practice overturns all the common sense of the baseball world so far, and all players have actually achieved many achievements with the motto of "short and efficient" and "fun and getting better".

Providing optimal practice methods and training for each individual

Be an Elite

Be an Elite advisors will analyze the players' issues and provide the best practice methods and training to achieve their goals. Based on the measured data, we propose a custom-made menu for each player, such as pitching drills, batting drills, and training.

All equipment is imported from the USA. It is also equipped with a trajectory measuring instrument "Rhapsword", which is also introduced by Chunichi Dragons, as well as measuring the number of rotations and ball axis. Training at Driveline Baseball, a training facility in Seattle, USA, is also possible.

Environmental support for athletes

Be an Elite

Be an Elite is more than just technical instruction. Provide multi-faceted guidance to athletes from outstanding environmental aspects such as training and nutrition.

By thoroughly training and pursuing pitching motions, batting motions, and physicals based on research data and statistics, we will support you to become a player on another level compared to other players.

Improve the theory, training, and practice environment learned in the United States for Japanese

The theory, training, and practice environment that the owner learned in the United States are improved for Japanese people. In addition, instead of doing it in a harsh environment, the Be an Elite staff will do their best to guide you with the motto of "short and efficient" and "fun and getting better".

In addition, players from various regions who want to improve their skills gather at the practice facility, so it is possible to exchange opinions with the players.

Free trial lesson in progress!

Be an Elite

There is an image that baseball practice is tough, physically demanding, and above all, practice time is long, but Be an Elite incorporates training that overturns the conventional image. If you are worried that you have no sense, have no talent, or are not good at it, please take a free trial lesson first.

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【Be an Elite(ビーアンエリート )】
住所  :愛知県名古屋市守山区菱池町19-20

Former Chunichi Dragons player Atsushi Fujii's baseball class

"DREAMS BASEBALL CLUB" is a baseball class for beginners to elementary school students. Former Chunichi Dragons professional baseball player Atsushi Fujii regularly tours the school as a special coach.

Valuing the excitement of "fun" and "I want to go again next week!"

Address: ALA Daikancho 4F, 40-18 Daikancho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0120-546-446
Secretariat of the NPO Education and Sports Council


We are looking for baseball boys and girls who want to make a difference to their rivals!
Baseball class "Will"

“Will” is a one-on-one baseball school nationwide. The size of the Nagoya classroom is about 200 square meters, and you can concentrate on working in a completely one-on-one, quiet environment. It supports pitching, defense, batting and all movement improvement.

It takes 2-3 months to reach the target. There are no children who did not improve with Will's own theory. Experience the Will-style split method that even beginners can understand 100%.

住所  :愛知県清須市西枇杷島町地領2丁目8−14

Create a special guidance manual based on professional skills
"BSO Baseball Improvement School"

"BSO Baseball Improvement Juku" is a baseball school located in Meito Ward, Nagoya City. At the school, a "former professional baseball player" created an original "special instruction manual" based on the professional skills cultivated so far.

In addition, we set goals according to individual abilities, create individual programs to achieve those goals, and provide guidance that maximizes the children's "motivation".

住所  :名古屋市名東区朝日が丘1番地1 勝野ビル3F

Baseball cram school for those who want to balance both studies and baseball

BE ZONE is a baseball cram school in Meito Ward, Nagoya City. Cultivate human beings who can act responsibly for what they have decided through baseball and learning!

A baseball cram school with a small number of students in one class that provides well-balanced instruction in both baseball and education for children with a bright future. It's an all-weather indoor practice field, so you don't have to worry even on rainy days!

【BE ZONE(ビーイーゾーン)】
住所  :名古屋市名東区猪子石2-909-1

Classroom to develop communication skills
"S&S Baseball Class"

"S&S Baseball Classroom" in Nishi Ward, Nagoya City is a one-time baseball classroom with "feature ⇒ game" for 80 minutes.

We provide guidance to acquire "baseball skills" and "game skills", and many children who are new to baseball and players who want to play an active part in the team participate. Recommended for baseball boys and enthusiastic parents and children, "Private indoor practice field rental" is unlimited batting machine.

住所  :愛知県名古屋市西区野南町47−1
定休日 :土日・不定休

“Nagoya Ocean Baseball School,” a baseball school for self-reliance

"Nagoya Ocean Baseball School" is a baseball school for children aged 3 to 12 who aim to become independent through baseball, mainly in Nagoya City.

The educational philosophy is "independence". Through the Nagoya Ocean Baseball School, we are instructed to build our own future, to deliver gratitude even for small things, to notice various things, and to become "independent". It is also recommended for children who come into contact with baseball for the first time.

▼School venue list

[Nagoya Ocean Baseball Class]
Address: 203 Diacourt Shioike, 1-18-22 Shioikecho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
telephone number:-

Learn how former professional baseball players train
"Remix Baseball Academy"

At the "Remix Baseball Academy" in Minato-ku, Nagoya, you can learn baseball through effective training under the guidance of former professional baseball player training coaches! Because it is an indoor facility, you can practice without getting wet even in the rain, and you can rest assured in terms of security.

Tour, one-day experience OK at any time!

住所  :愛知県名古屋市港区西福田2-1111
営業時間:平日 17:00 – 21:30_/土日 13:00 – 18:00
定休日 :祝日 

*Wednesdays are reserved for teams only (no lessons)
*Saturdays and Sundays are for training courses and chartered use only
*If it rains on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it is possible to reserve a team even in the morning by making a reservation up to the day before.


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