[16 selections] Survive the summer with spiciness! A really delicious curry shop in the Tokai area

Posting date: 2020.09.20
[16 selections] Survive the summer with spiciness! A really delicious curry shop in the Tokai area

The spiced curry boom that exploded in Osaka has spread nationwide in 2018, with a variety of new restaurants opening one after another in the Tokai area.

While spice curry specialty stores are opening one after another in the streets, there are actually a lot of delicious curry shops, not just spice curry.

In this issue, we will introduce you to some of the best curry restaurants in the Tokai area that you may not know about!


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Please check the latest information of each facility and store when using.


What is spice curry in the first place?

First of all, let's review the spice curry again!

Spice curry was born in Osaka. Although there is no strict definition, it is a big attraction that you can taste the stimulation of spices directly, using unique spices that are different from authentic India and Sri Lanka.

Vegetables, pickled herbs and spices are included on top of the curry, and many of them are characterized by their beautiful appearance and complex taste!

Shops in Nagoya City

Curry that will captivate you with spices "Curry Miyoshi"

First, we would like to introduce a popular restaurant in Tsurumai, "Curry Miyoshi". Since its opening, the restaurant has been popular with a long line of customers at lunch time.

The most popular item is the “Two Kinds of Aigake Curry” (1,200 yen). You can enjoy two types at the same time: the creamy "Coconut Milk Chicken Curry (900 yen for single item)" that uses plenty of coconut milk, and the "Chicken Keema Bean Curry (900 yen for single item)" that contains plenty of beans with cloves and cardamom. 

The colorful pickles are also handmade by the owner. The owner, Mr. Miyoshi, is a professional who used to grow vegetables, so he knows how to make the best use of the ingredients! The curry contains more than 10 kinds of spices, and when you eat it, your body will feel warm. It's delicious even if you mix it with curry and eat it.

The lingering spiciness makes you want to eat it again and again.

[Curry Miyoshi]
Address: Yano Building 102, 3-18-16 Chiyoda, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-212-7614

"Yanggao" where you can taste "Gaeng Hanley Curry" from northern Thailand

Next is Yanggao, a Thai curry restaurant located in Joshin, Nishi-ku, Nagoya. The restaurant is attracting attention as a place where one can taste "Gaeng Hanley curry," a curry from the Chiang Mai region in northern Thailand. The curry is characterized by the combination of pork that has been simmered until it becomes tender and the freshness of ginger.

The name of the restaurant, "Yanggao" is an old dialect of the Chiang Mai region that means "as usual". The owner's desire to create an everyday space where young and old, locals and distant people can naturally blend in is included.

"Massaman curry" is Thai curry originated in southern Thailand. You can feel deep richness and sweetness in the faint spiciness. Jasmine rice from Thailand is served.

"Kua Curry with Shrimp and Bamboo Shoots" is a Thai curry originating from northern Thailand. The richness of coconut milk and shrimp is combined with the freshness of lemongrass and kobumikan leaves to create a spicy and sour taste.

"Gaeng Hanle Curry" is still rare in Japan, but the way of eating is arranged in a Japanese style, so even if you are not familiar with Thai curry, please try Yanggao's curry at least once.

Address: Crest Joshin 303 3-13-23 Hananoki, Nishi-ku, Nagoya MAP
Phone number: 070-4469-6412

A bar where you can eat curry
"Bar Ka na ta"

Bar Ka na ta is a 10-minute walk directly south from Exit 2 of the Osu Kannon subway station or 11-minute walk from exit 4 of Higashibetsuin subway station.  .

Lunch is based on the standard menu item, "Bar Ka na ta's Dal Keema Curry (900 yen)," with a lineup of two to three different curries that change daily. The daily curry changes are announced daily via Instagram. Both large and medium servings of rice are free.

During bar time, the counter is lined with obanzai (side dishes) that go well with the drinks, making it a perfect hideaway for adults to enjoy both day and night.

[Bar Ka na ta]
Address: Second Mutsuga Building 1F, 1-18-2 Tachibana, Naka-ku, Nagoya

A Famous Restaurant Supporting Nagoya's Curry Boom
"Trippin' Spice"

"Trippin' Spice" is a BAR with a location in Izumi 2-chome, Higashi-ku. The owner is a traveler-chef who has traveled to more than 50 countries, but word of mouth has spread that the curry he makes is exquisite, and many people come to Trippin' Spice every day for their curry.

For lunch, customers can choose between two types of curry and Aigake (half and half). At night, too, curry is available, but since it is a bar, drinks must be ordered! The restaurant serves not only curry, but also creative snacks that are familiar arrangements of famous dishes from around the world, so please be sure to try them as well!

[Trippin' Spice]
Address: 2-1-4 Izumi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City

OPEN for a limited time at Nagoya PARCO! Rental spice curry shop "ANDY CURRY"

ANDY CURRY(アンディーカリー)

ANDY CURRY(アンディーカリー)

"ANDY CURRY" opened in June 2020 on the 7th floor of the Nagoya PARCO West Building in Yabacho, Sakae.

It used to be a popular spice curry restaurant that rented a bar in Izumi, Higashi Ward and was open only for lunch. They set up a new base in Nagoya PARCO and opened it for a limited period of one year.

ANDY CURRY(アンディーカリー)

There are four types of curry on the menu. Chicken Curry and Shrimp and Clams Curry with Coconut are the standard menu items, while the other two curry items change weekly, so you can always find something new to try. The photo shows two of the regular menu items served as Aigake (half and half). 
The key point is that the shape of the rice is "A" when you order Aigake (round shape for large portion.)

The Nagoya PARCO location will only be open for one year, but they are currently looking for a place after that. We look forward to new developments in the future!

Address: Nagoya PARCO West Building 7F, 3-29-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture


"Harukanaru Curry" is a complete meal made with locally grown fresh vegetables and carefully selected brown rice.

Harukanaru Curry

Harukanaru Curry is located a 5-minute walk from Fushimi Station on the Higashiyama Line. The main store is located in Ginza, and the Nagoya store opened in June 2018.

There is one type of spice curry on the menu. There is also a keema curry day only once a week. The specialty is the vegetables delivered directly from the farm. It is full of vegetables that the producers made wholeheartedly. Chicken wings have been simmered in a large pot for 1-2 hours to be loosen into pieces. The key to this dish is the brown rice, which is cooked after being thoroughly rubbed and soaked in water.

[Harukanaru Curry]
Address: Sun Kelly Hirokoji Building, 2-4-5 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Phone number: 052-203-0660
Parking: None



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