What is "Komeda Nagomi Cafe Okagean", the Sister Brand of “Coffee Shop Komeda”, which is Famous in Nagoya ?

Nagoya city Mizuho-ku
Posting date: 2023.03.23
What is "Komeda Nagomi Cafe Okagean", the Sister Brand of “Coffee Shop Komeda”, which is Famous in Nagoya ?

As a long-established coffee shop that originated in Nagoya, "Coffee Shop Komeda" (hereafter "Komeda") has more than 900 stores nationwide as well as Aichi Prefecture. Its sister brand store, "Komeda Nagomi Cafe Okagean" (hereafter "Okagean"), is a cafe where you can enjoy a different atmosphere and menu from Komeda, based on the concept of “Japanese Style”.

On February 20, 2023, the Okagean Main Store will open next to the Komeda Main Store in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City! We will introduce the difference from Komeda and what kind of shop it is.


What is Okage-an?

Komeda's sister brand "Okagean".

Born in 1999, it currently has 12 stores in Aichi, Tokyo, and Kanagawa, and on February 20, 2023, the 13th store, which is the main store, opened in Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City (next to the Komeda main store).

The building in the foreground is Okagean Main Store. The building in the back is the Komeda Main Store, which is built on the same site. The exterior is also Japanese-style with a tiled roof.

Okagean is based on the concept of "Wa (harmony)'', where you can enjoy sweets and spend "Toki (time)" in the heartwarming "Ma (place)". It is characterized by a relaxing experience that is a bit different from Komeda.

In addition, you can enjoy a different menu from Komeda, such as the Japanese sweets like matcha (green tea), hojicha (roasted green tea), odango (mochi dumplings) and anmitsu (mitsumame with red bean paste), and meal menus such as kishimen noodle and ozoni (mochi in soup).

Main Store With Sustainable Aspects

The interior of the main store, which opened in February, uses a lot of wood and has an outstanding healing effect. The tables in the shop use thinned timber cut from the Komeda Forest in Komono Town, Mie Prefecture, where Komeda is engaged in conservation activities.

In addition, some of the waste materials from the former Komeda Main Store are recycled, and solar panels are installed, making it a sustainable building.

Also pay attention to the chair! Unlike Komeda's red sofa, it is a matcha-colored sofa. Komeda's legs are box-shaped, while Okagean's have four legs. You can also enjoy the small differences.

Power outlets are also available near the table. The seats are also wider and more spacious than Komeda's, so it's comfortable and you will eventually end up staying for a long time.

Even the menu and towels are unified in matcha color. By the way, the brown color of the logo seems to be anko color.

How is the Morning Breakfast at Okagean?

Freshly-made "Rice ball set menu"

Seasonal Japanese Sweets "Ochanoko set menu"

Morning breakfast at Okagean is until 11:00 am.
When you order your favorite drink, you can choose your breakfast menu from 3 sets for free.

・Freshly made “Rice ball set menu”: rice ball, miso soup, plum or mackerel or kelp or warabi *Varies by store
・Seasonal Japanese Sweets “Ochanoko set menu”: 1 type of seasonal Ochanoko (sweets) such as dorayaki and ohagi
・Special dashi soup with rice "Ochazuke set": 1 kind of plum kelp or mackerel kelp *Not available at some stores

Okagean does not have toast in the morning breakfast, and the menu is all about Japanese foods!

Chewy Dango
that You can Grill By Yourself!

One of Okagean's popular menus is the "Grilled dish" series! This is the particularly popular "Dango Zanmai (3 sticks) 630 yen". I tried it right away!

Each of the three can be enjoyed in three different flavors, from left to right: brown sugar syrup & kinako (soy powder), soy sauce, and red bean paste.

First, warm up the grill. Hold your hand over the net and place the dango on it when it gets hot.

After 2 to 3 minutes, it will start to burn nicely with a fragrant aroma. Flip over and grill both sides. How you like it is how it's done!

The first one is sprinkled with soy powder mixed with brown sugar syrup. The combination is perfect! The dumplings are also chewy and delicious!

I had the next dango with Ogura bean paste. The texture of the red bean paste is just right, not too sweet.

For the final one with soy sauce, first soak the dango in soy sauce and grill it again on the grill. When you put it on the net, the fragrant scent of soy sauce spreads at once. If you pickle it twice, the aroma is even better! It was grilled nicely! It has a somewhat nostalgic and relaxing taste.

Odango alone is not enough! I want to eat some more! For those who say, you can order a small amount in the menu below.

・ Daifuku (white, mugwort, 1 each) [Additional] 1 / white, mugwort
・Goheimochi (2 sticks) [Additional] 1 stick
・Isobe Mochi (6 slices & seaweed sheets included) [Additional] 2 slices & seaweed sheets included

Other Unique Menus are also available

The photo shows the "Matcha Shake"

In addition to regular drinks such as coffee and black tea, there are also plenty of drinks such as matcha and hojicha!

Speaking of Komeda's flagship product, "Shiro-Noir" is famous! At Okagean, that Shiro-Noir appears with a “Japanese” taste. For the soft-serve ice cream, you can choose from 5 types: matcha, hojicha (houjicha is not available at some stores), and a mix with vanilla (with brown sugar syrup).

You can also choose from two sizes, the standard size and the mini size!

In addition, Okagean has a full meal menu. This is the popular menu "Retro Spaghetti". The soft-boiled egg goes perfectly with the hot iron plate! As the name suggests, it is the menu that makes you feel nostalgic.

In addition, there is a wide lineup of noodles such as "Kishimen" and rice dishes such as "Ozosui".

“Okagean” has a slightly different atmosphere and menu than Komeda. It is a shop where you can enjoy a relaxing time in a healing space that uses plenty of wood.

* Prices and available menus vary depending on the store, so please check in advance.

Spot Details

[Komeda Nagomi Cafe Okagean Main Store]
Address: 28-4 Kamiyamacho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-846-5753
Business hours: 7:00 to 23:00
Number of seats: 80 seats
Parking lot: 36 cars (including EV charging/common use by Komeda)
web: https://www.komeda.co.jp/menu/?brand=2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okagean_official/

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