Gurin-gurin: An Indoor Playground for Children in Kasugai City 

Kasugai City
Posting date: 2023.03.07
Gurin-gurin: An Indoor Playground for Children in Kasugai City 

Whether it's hot, cold, or rainy, children want to play to their heart's content. For such children, we definitely recommend Kasugai City Children's Indoor Playground "Gurin-gurin". It is an indoor playground where parents and children can have fun regardless of the weather.

Inside the facility, there are about 280 types of safe, secure, and excellent playground equipment and toys handled by Bornelund.

It is divided into 4 areas, "Role Play Area", "Baby Area", "Active Area", and "Challenge Area", so you can experience various games according to your age and play. Babies who want to play slowly, toddlers who want to play on a whim, and elementary school students who want to play actively will surely be satisfied.

This time, I will tell you about the contents of Gurin-gurin's fulfilling play!

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Please check the latest information of each facility and store.

What is “Gurin-gurin”, an Indoor Playground for Children?

“Gurin-gurin” opened in February 2022 on the second floor of “Green Palace Kasugai”, a facility adjacent to Ochiai Park.

The name comes from the "green" sound of Green Palace Kasugai and the English word "grin" which means "smiling". They envision the overlapping laughter of children and the way they play among the four areas in the playground.

How to use “Gurin-gurin”

It can be used by infants, elementary school students, and their parents. First of all, please register as a member and make a reservation for each family member. A day is divided into 3 slots, so apply for the slot you want during the reservation period. After the lottery, you may be able to make a reservation on a first-come-first-served basis depending on the availability, and you can also use it if there are vacancies on the day of use.

Then, on the day of use, purchase a ticket from the ticket vending machine at the entrance of the facility and head to Gurin-gurin!

"4 Play Areas" that will Keep Children Excited

Move your hands and enjoy conversations and interactions! "Role Play Area"

This is the pretend play (role play) area recommended for young children. It is a space where you can enjoy conversation while pretending to be a shopkeeper or a cook, and play while learning about the origins of society.

Dress up in your favorite costume! Enjoy pretend play to your heart's content. You can change the doll's clothes and take care of it.

There is also a "construction area" in one section of the role play area. Please experience the joy of creating through making and assembling.

He was absorbed in playing by moving my hands while thinking. Concentration seems to be cultivated well, too.

All toys will attract children's interest. Adults should also try together! I think you'll be amazed at how open-minded your child is.

There are many playground equipment and toys filled with the warmth of wood. In addition to being safe and secure, it will surely help children grow.

"Baby Area" with safe playground equipment that babies can enjoy

This is the area recommended for infants. There are many playground equipment and toys for infants that promote development by stimulating the senses such as sight and hearing while moving the body firmly.

The ball rolls dynamically. The way it goes through the tunnel is also interesting! Try rolling it over and over again.

You can play with your hands and head firmly, such as making sounds while moving the vehicle, pinching and moving small objects.

Regular cleaning, sanitizing wipes are always available, and there is also a collection box for toys which was put in the mouth, so it is safe to say that hygiene management is thorough.

Jump, bounce, roll, and move your body! "Active Area"

The area is recommended for both toddlers and elementary school students. You can move your whole body and play with it, and there are playground equipment that draws out the basic movements necessary for growth.

If there is such a playground equipment in front of you, your body will move on its own. Children were flying, bouncing, rolling, and going back and forth between the playground equipment.

You can even create a secret base!

A slide that can be climbed in various ways. Underneath the slide is a blue ball pool that looks like the sea. They were also obsessed with the ball case.

Let's challenge using the strength of the whole body! "Challenge Area"

This is an area recommended for elementary school students. Use the strength of your whole body to challenge yourself with some difficult body movements! All the toys are exciting just by looking at them.

The staff also keep a watchful eye on each area, so you can rest assured. My son, who had a hard time climbing, got some advice and gained confidence, saying, "I was able to climb!"

There were also soft balls, hoops, and big dice. You can play whatever ways. Everyone was having a great time.

The more you challenge yourself, the more things you can do. Because it is difficult, the joy of being able to do it is all the more.

Fulfilling Facilities that are Great for Families with Children

Refreshing space, rest area

There are tables, chairs, and vending machines in the rest area, which is great for refreshment and hydration during play.

Nursing room equipped with water heater for milk preparation and diaper changing room are also available! It is perfect to go out with your baby.

Play or take a break!

Let go of your baggage and play! Lots of storage compartment

There are many storage compartment with locks, so you can leave your jacket and luggage here. Let's play to the fullest!

"Gurin-gurin" has a wide selection of carefully selected toys and playing equipment. Reservations are required and there are limits on the number of people, and the facilities are cleaned at the time of change, so children can play to their heart's content.

Everyone, please try to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends.

Spot Details

[Kasugai City Children's Indoor Playground "Gurin-gurin"]

Address : 1-2 Ochiaiike, Higashino-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi, Japan
Green Palace Kasugai 2F
Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (3 slots available during the time period shown on the left)
1st slot: 9:00 - 11:30
Second slot ⇒ 12:30-15:00
3rd slot ⇒ 15:30-18:00
There is a limit to the number of participants.
Reservations required
Closed: Mondays and New Year's holidays
(If Monday is a national holiday, the museum will be open on Monday and closed on the immediately following non-holiday day.)
Fee:・Children under 3 years old ⇒ Free
Children over 3 years old ⇒ 100 yen per visit
Accompanying parent/guardian ⇒ Free of charge
Parking: Free of charge
Phone :0568-37-1171

Designated administrator: Japan Day Care Center Co.
052-446-6387 (Nagoya Office)

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