[12 Selections] Available at Nagoya Station! Snacks Perfect as Souvenirs from Nagoya

Posting date: 2021.04.19

Goes well with alcohol! Exquisite ham steak "Meiho Ham"

Meiho Ham

Meiho Ham

Although it is a souvenir from Gifu, it is an excellent item, so we will introduce it here as well.

Meiho Ham is manufactured in Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture. It is characterized by the use of 100% domestic pork, no preservatives, and minimal use of additives. This pressed ham is so familiar to Tokai people that it is sold in local supermarkets. Pressed ham, by the way, is a ham made by salting small pieces of meat, gathering them together, and heating them.

Meiho ham, made using traditional methods, can be cut into thick pieces and grilled to make an excellent snack! There is no doubt that once you eat it, you will become addicted. It's delicious with salads, pizza, and ham cutlets.

Easy cooking in the microwave or toaster!
"Nagoya Specialty Sanwa Chicken Wings"

Nagoya specialty Sanwa chicken wings

If you want to drink at home, we also recommend "Nagoya Specialty Sanwa Chicken Wings" from "Sanwa", a chicken specialty store founded in 1900!

This is a frozen product, but since it comes with a refrigerant and a cold bag from the start, it can be carried as is for about 4 hours. Another key point is that it is easy to heat up in a microwave or toaster!

You will be addicted to the sweet and spicy sauce from Nagoya and the special spices. How luxurious it is to be able to enjoy authentic Nagoya food at home!

After all, Ochazuke!
"Hitsumabushi no Sato Chazuke"

Hitsumabushi no Sato Chazuke

Speaking of closing after drinking, it is definitely Ochazuke (rice with soup).

Nagoya's specialty "Hitsumabushi" is first eaten as is, then with condiments, and finally as ochazuke. "Hitsumabushi no Sato Ochazuke" recreates the taste of that final ochazuke. There are three bags in one box.

Since the eel is pre-packed, you can enjoy the aroma and melt-in-your-mouth texture of the eel! The refreshing aroma of wasabi and mitsuba (mitsuba) accentuates the flavor and makes it easy to eat.

This time, the sake-loving Editorial Team staff introduced "12 souvenirs you can buy at Nagoya Station that are not sweet".

Please use it as a reference!

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