10 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture

Inuyama city
Posting date: 2021.11.16
10 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture

Inuyama City is located at the northern tip of Aichi Prefecture. In the Edo period, it prospered as a castle town of Inuyama Castle. It is easily accessible by train from Nagoya Station, and is gaining popularity as a day trip spot in the Tokai area.

This time, we will pick up and introduce recommended spots in the Inuyama area!

[Notice] Information is current at the time of the interview. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, business hours may be changed or temporarily closed. Please check the latest information of each facility and store when using.

How to get to Inuyama?

Inuyama Station


It takes about 25 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station by Meitetsu Rapid Limited Express or Limited Express. A castle town spreads out within a 20-minute walk from Inuyama Station, so it's the perfect spot for a day trip from Nagoya!

Parking is limited in the Inuyama area, so please use public transportation. If you want to visit Inuyama Castle and eat while walking around the castle town, the “Inuyama Castle Town Ticket” is a great deal!

Recommended spots in Inuyama

Traveling around the world in 2 hours? ! "Inuyama Little World"

Inuyama Little World

Inuyama Little World

Inuyama Little World

Inuyama Little World

Located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, the "Outdoor Folk Museum Little World" is a theme park with buildings from 23 countries and regions around the world. Ethnic cultures such as clothing, food, and housing from around the world are introduced.

You may have a strong image of gourmet events and ethnic costume experiences, but that is not all. The attraction of Little World is the high quality of its buildings inside the park. Every building has been faithfully reproduced by transporting columns and stone walls from the local area, using local materials, and conducting interviews in the area.

You can enjoy the feeling of actually visiting the country.

[The Little World Museum of Man]
Address: 90-48 Imai Narusawa, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0568-62-5611


Meiji Mura, an open-air museum where famous buildings have been relocated and preserved

Museum Meiji Mura

Museum Meiji Mura

Museum Meiji Mura

"Meiji Mura"in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.

It is an open-air museum where famous buildings mainly from the Meiji era, up to the Taisho and early Showa eras, have been relocated and preserved. The village, lined with buildings, is like stepping back in time to the Meiji era.

You can experience the Meiji era while having fun, such as the stylish costume store, retro gourmet food, and the experience of riding a steam locomotive!

[Meiji Mura]
Address: 1 Uchiyama, Inuyama City Aza, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: Please check on the official website
Closed: Please check the official website


Perfect for an amusement park debut! "Japan Monkey Park"

Japan Monkey Park is an amusement park located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.

There are more than 35 attractions that the whole family can enjoy, from thrilling highway coasters running through the mountains to kids attractions that small children can enjoy! There are plenty of rest spots and gourmet food, so it is a perfect amusement park for small children to make their amusement park debut.

There are also a variety of seasonal events, and the summer-only outdoor leisure pool, "Water Paradise Momple," is especially popular!

[Japan Monkey Park]
Address: 26 Kanrin, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: 10:00-17:00 (changes depending on the season and day of the week)
Closed: Irregular holidays (please check the official website)
Parking lot: Available (1,200 cars)


Japan's oldest wooden castle tower "National Treasure Inuyama Castle"


National Treasure Inuyama Castle

National Treasure Inuyama Castle

A lot of the wood from when the castle was built remains inside the castle.

Inuyama Castle

There is a corridor on the top floor of the castle tower, and you can enjoy a superb view. Feeling like a lord!

Speaking of Inuyama, it is "National Treasure Inuyama Castle".

Inuyama Castle was built in 1541, the year Hideyoshi Toyotomi was born, by Nobunaga Oda's uncle, Nobuyasu Oda, and is the oldest existing wooden castle tower in Japan. Currently, only five castles, Matsumoto Castle, Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, Matsue Castle, and Inuyama Castle, are designated as national treasures.

It is also known as the only privately owned castle in Japan.

[National Treasure Inuyama Castle]
Address: 65-2 Inuyama Kitakoken, Inuyama City
Phone number: 0568-61-1711
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 (entrance until 16:30)
Closed: December 29th to December 31st

[General] 550 yen
[Elementary and junior high school students] 110 yen


Inuyama castle town excursion ticket

If you're going around Inuyama, the "Inuyama Castle Town Excursion Ticket" is a bargain! The regular fee (high school students and above) is 950 yen, but the set fee is 760 yen. Inuyama Castle, Castle and Town Museum, IMASEN Inuyama Karakuri Museum, and Donden Museum are included in the set.

▼ Click here for other set tickets

"Castle and Town Museum" where you can learn about the history and culture of Inuyama

Castle and Town Museum

Castle and Town Museum

Historical materials related to Inuyama are displayed, and special exhibitions are held several times a year.

Castle and Town Museum

A huge diorama that reproduces the castle town of the Edo period

If you want to learn about the history and culture of Inuyama, head to the Castle and Town Museum.

Here, the history and culture of Inuyama are introduced, focusing on the Edo period when samurai culture and townspeople culture flourished. Inuyama is one of the few towns in Japan that still has castles and castle towns in the same layout as the Edo period.

The museum also exhibits many old documents and arts and crafts that belonged to Inuyama Castle and the Naruse family, the former lords of Inuyama Castle.

At the adjoining IMASEN Inuyama Karakuri Museum, you can learn about the float karakuri dolls that were on the floats of the Inuyama Festival. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there is also a demonstration of Karakuri dolls! (You can enter with the admission ticket of the Castle and Town Museum)

[Castle and Town Museum]
Address: 8 Kitakoken, Inuyama, Inuyama City
Phone number: 0568-62-4802
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Closed: December 29th to December 31st

300 yen for adults (free for junior high school students and younger)


"Dondenkan" where you can see the powerful Kurumayama




"The Inuyama Festival," designated by the national government as an important intangible folk cultural property, is held every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of April.  

At the "Dondenkan", 4 tanks of the actual Yama = Dashi-no-yama used in the Inuyama Festival are on display. In order to experience the atmosphere of the festival, the day of the festival will be shortened to 6 minutes, and the lights and sounds will be produced. The 8m high Mt. Kuruma is very impressive! !

In addition, various exhibits related to the Inuyama Festival, such as festival costumes and models, are introduced.

Address: 62 Higashikoken, Inuyama, Inuyama City
Phone number: 0568-65-1728
Business hours: 9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)
Closed: December 29th to December 31st

100 yen for adults (free for junior high school students and younger)

Sanko Inari Shrine, the guardian deity of the Naruse family, the lords of Inuyama Castle

Sanko Inari Shrine

It is said to have the same benefits as other Inari shrines throughout Japan, such as family safety, prosperous business, purification of land and houses, traffic safety, conjugal harmony, and marriage.

Himeki Shrine, which is located on the precincts of Sanko Inari Shrine, is said to have the benefits of good matchmaking between men and women, family harmony, and marital harmony.

Sanko Inari Shrine has been revered as the guardian of Inuyama Castle by the Naruse family, who have served as castle lords of Inuyama Castle for generations since the Edo period. Located right below Inuyama Castle, this shrine is well-known in the local area of Inuyama.

According to legend, the shrine was built in 1586 on Sankouji Mountain within Inuyama Castle, and was moved to its current location in October 1964.

The Sanko Inari Shrine is also famous for the "heart ema" (votive tablet) at the Himeki Shrine, a shrine on the grounds of the Sanko Inari Shrine!

[Sanko Inari Shrine]
Address: 41-1 Inuyama Kitakoken, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0568-61-0702

Harituna Shrine, one of the five Owari shrines

Haritsuna Shrine

Haritsuna Shrine

Next to Sanko Inari Shrine is Haritsuna Shrine.

Haritsuna Shrine is said to be blessed with good fortune for safe delivery and prolonged life, since Nobuyasu Oda, uncle of Nobunaga Oda and builder of Inuyama Castle, dedicated a pair of hand-carved guardian dogs to the shrine to pray for safe delivery, prolonged life, and longevity. It is said that it is good to pray for safe delivery on the day of the dog.

Haritsuna Shrine's annual festival, the Inuyama Festival, is famous for its gorgeous "yama" floats, which is one of the spring traditions of Inuyama.

[Haritsuna Shrine]
Address: 65-1 Kitakoken, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0568-61-0180


Eating while walking in the castle town!

Eating while walking around the castle town of Inuyama is a must!

In the castle town from Inuyama Station to Inuyama Castle, you can enjoy various gourmet foods while walking around.

Inuyama's deepest spot! ? “Momotaro Shrine” that you can visit with works by Shoun Asano

Okayama Prefecture is famous for Momotaro, one of Japan's folktales, but in fact, there is also Momotaro Shrine in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, where the legend of Momotaro is told.

The peach-shaped torii gate, which is rare in Japan, and the laundry rock where the grandmother of Momotaro did his laundry. In the precincts, it is popular as a B-class spot, such as a concrete statue and a treasure hall created by Shoun Asano, a concrete sculptor from Nagoya.

There is also a "Treasure Museum" where you can see Momotaro goods! (Admission fee: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for children)

[Momotaro Shrine]
Address: 853 Ohira Kurisu, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture 484-0002

From national treasures to theme parks, Inuyama is full of charm. It takes about 25 minutes by train from Nagoya, so it's very accessible, so please visit it as a day trip spot.

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